Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Funny

Today's Friday Funny is dedicated to Kim in all her karate-chopping, kicking-butt glory!
My friend who just graduated from Navy Boot Camp sent me some Chuck Norris jokes in his last letter. I guess there a lot of them. These were the first ones I'd ever heard and I thought they were pretty funny. If you know anymore please share.. .............

Chuck Norris has a night-light in his bedroom. Not because he's scared of the dark but b/c the dark is scared of him.

Chuck Norris doesn't sleep. He waits.

Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.

Chuck Norris had a heart attack. His heart lost.

It's been said that the tears of Chuck Norris can cure cancer. The problem is, Chuck Norris never cries.

Hope all of you have a great weekend!


Blogger Laura G. Young said...

I've always liked this one:

"There is no theory of evolution... Just a list of animals Chuck Norris allows to live."

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Chuck Norris plays Oregon Trail his family does not die from cholera or dysentery, but rather roundhouse kicks to the face. He also requires no wagon, since he carries the oxen, axels, and buffalo meat on his back. He always makes it to Oregon before you.

and this one:

Chuck Norris brought a stillborn baby lamb back to life by giving it a prolonged beard rub. Shortly after the farm animal sprang back to life and a crowd had gathered, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked the animal, breaking its neck, to remind the crew once more that Chuck giveth, and the good Chuck, he taketh away.

10:46 PM  

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