Friday, November 30, 2007

Answers, pt. 3

Amy's turn:
1) What's your least favorite debate?
What an interesting question. I like good debates; in fact I love them. But I hate it when a good debate gets bogged down by someone not flowing with the topic as it evolves. When a point starts to resemble the beating of a dead horse, the debate loses it's luster for me. The person sticking can't take hints to move on and the other people involved end up being mean about it. (Embarrassingly I've been on both ends.)
I also abhor when the debate gets ugly. I realize that the point of a debate is to prove, or at least give the impression of, greater intelligence. And to that end, someone must be made to look like a fool. I don't mind that when it's done in a civil manner. But when people lose manners and forget that in the end it doesn't really matter, that's when I regret even the idea of debates.

2) What's your favorite?
I have a feeling you were looking for topics in that last question. Sorry. I'm not sure I have a least favorite, but I do have some favorites. Local food versus store bought, abortion, Michigan versus Ohio State, and the myth behind dieting. Not sure I can pick a favorite, but the abortion one I feel very strongly about. My goal in that debate is to maybe save a life if I can, so I think it deserves me bringing my "A" game.

3) What do you like about church?
The community. Church is the body of believers, not a building. We can't seem to break ourselves of that false definition, and some would argue we shouldn't anyway. But the thing that makes church, in no matter what reference you use it, is the fellowship of believers with each other. I love that.

4) How much of a romantic man do you think you are?
On an average scale of men, I'd say I'm in the top third. I get lazy sometimes in my expression of love so I can't say I'm the best. But I do try harder than most men I know. My goal is to make my wife the number one person in the world. Everything I do is because of her being in my life, and I try to make that known as much as I can. Ell is not a romantic at heart, so it makes for a well balanced marriage.

5) How did you meet Laura?
I don't who this Laura person you speak of is, but I met Ell through a mutual friend of my sister. She was at our house a few times and I thought she had pretty red hair. I am a H-U-G-E hair guy, so I was instantly attracted to her. I asked her out at a friend's wedding and after our second date we've been together ever since. Why second? That's a whole other story for another time.

Great questions Amy. Next it's Adrienne's turn.


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