Thursday, November 29, 2007


Bethy first:
1) Why did you stop playing Drums? (This might be a long answer.)
My dream in high school was to be in a heavy metal band (who's isn't, really) or to play in a professional marching band; like a drum and bugle corp. I was accepted into a college in Nashville with an open invitation to play in the Vanderbilt University Marching Band. I was also accepted into one of only two (at the time) national elite drum schools. The one I got in was in L.A. Dream coming true right? Yes, until I got the bill for each. Due to our family accident and the loss of my parent's business, I was going to be paying for college myself. My parents were gracious enough to give me $5000 of their pitiful insurance settlement for college. I couldn't see blowing that money on not even a full year of college, and subsequently going into major debt. I saw debt rip apart our family's peace and I swore to not put myself into that situation. So I walked away. And you know what, after a year or so, I saw it was for the best. I still enjoy a good air drumming session, but I have no desire to sit down behind a kit everyday like I did when I was in high school. Great question.

2) What is your favorite veggie?
I don't have a single favorite but I have a group I really like: the lettuce family. And what's not to like? The stuff grows in over 30 varieties, much more than the boring iceberg you get at a store. It can grow 12 months a year so you never have to worry about not having fresh greens. It cuts down the oils in your body and cleans them to be used more readily in your system. And it goes with everything. Oh, and it tastes fantabulous. (If you disagree you've never had good lettuce.)

3) How do you feel about not having your family in the area?
It sucks. Plain and simple. It sucks. My sisters and mom tell me all the time my nieces ask for Ell and I regularly. I'm missing out on playing with my nephews and teaching them bad habits. My dad gets worse every year and I can't be there to make it stop or to take some of the burden from my mom. And speaking of my mom, she needs good standing-up hugs from a man in her life and I can't be there to give them to her. I miss births and deaths and birthdays and anniversaries and walking and talking and crying, and there's nothing I can do about it. I refuse to uproot my entire life to chase my family to other parts of the country, and I know they'd never ask me to do that anyway. It sucks. All of it sucks.

Alright, I'm crying and I'm at work. So the rest of the questions will have to wait. Sorry.


Blogger Sweet Peripety said...

I'm sorry..I have another friend very upset today, too. :-( about family.

Anyways, I don't remember If I asked you's some.

what's your least favorite debate?

what's your favorite?

what do you like about church (I didn't since NOT like LOL)?

How much of a romantic man do you think you are?

How did you meet Laura?

11:02 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Sorry to make you cry on that one Bud! I just thought I ask, being suprised that everyone is in the same area but you. Your whole family was pretty close, as I remember, growing up. I just wondered your take on the seperation. Sorry that it is so hard.

9:27 PM  

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