Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day sixteen

So she's gone. My wife left me. Before anyone gets sad or mad, she'll be back on Thursday. She is going to Minnhaha on the Megabus with our friends Grant and Brad. They're going to spend a few days with Andrew & Lyndsay as well as see a good concert. We dropped them off at 11:59 last night and as I type this they are about an hour away from the twin cities. So think of me fondly as I attempt to batch it up for five days. I'm already off my rocker and miss her a ton. And if you know me you know it's a big deal for me to miss anyone.

That's all for today. Question answering will commence tomorrow.


Blogger Zoooma said...

Whoa. For a couple of sentences there I thought I just clicked into some life-changing moment. Whew. It's sweet that you miss her. I can only imagine how many men would be celebrating this time... and then right before the Better Half arrives home, spending that final 30 minutes or so Furiously cleaning up from days of pure laziness!!!

4:57 AM  

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