Wednesday, February 18, 2009

meme I

Last week I decided to join in a little meme involving letters of the alphabet. While I'm not exactly sure about the rules, the gist I got was that I was randomly appointed an individual letter and I had to come up with things I like that started with that letter. Unfortunately I got stuck with a vowel, the letter I. Definitely going to be harder than things starting with a consonant. I'm not alone in my issue though, turns out my friend Amy got the same letter. (So I don't copy or be influenced by what she writes, I haven't read her post yet.) Here goes...

1) The letter "I"
As a word, the letter itself is a favorite thing of mine, and most humans for that matter. We use it so much that somebody figured it out that the use of "I" as a word was one of the top five spoken words in the English language. Crazy, huh? It figures, since we are such a selfish culture and are so often driven by our me, me, I, I, attitudes. (Yes, even the popular meme's we participate in.) So I just had to make the word "I" my number one. By the way, I've used I or a form of it not including its definition, twelve times already in this post.

2) Ice cream
I'm convinced this should be fed to every soldier and general and king and president currently engaged in a war across the planet. At least once a day. Their lives would be much happier and perhaps they'd forget the need to fight. Probably not, but they would be happier.

3) Ivy
This variety of plant is one of Ell's favorites. Through her bringing home, and cultivating, many different varieties, it's quickly become one of mine too.

4) Ireland
What a country, what a history, what a people. One of only two places in the world I have any desire to go to outside of this country. A friend of mine studied there last year and he posted a lot of pictures; what a beautiful place. If you care to, click on Colton in my blogroll and read/see his story.

5) Ink
I love writing. Without this and a little of number six, I wouldn't have an outlet. (I rarely use pencils.) To the world as a whole, the use of ink and then the printing press, were huge catalysts in world history. Good stuff, that ink.

6) Internet
Gotta love the 'ol WWW, I know I do. Research, networking, email, pleasure, games, whatever, the Internet is amazing. I still don't have it at my house, but I do love it.

7) Intercourse
Enough said.

8) Independence
No matter your political or religious or cultural beliefs, living in an independent country is a grand thing. Sure, you and everybody could find a few things wrong with our country, but just the fact that we're allowed to express those things is support of this ideal. I'm so very thankful to those that have and are now fighting to preserve my independence; you are not forgotten.

9) Invisible
While I don't currently posses this super power, how awesome would it be if I did?! The conversations I'd eavesdrop on, the secret political meetings I'd sneak into, the things I'd try. And all of that pales in comparison of what I could have done as a horny junior-high boy!!!

10) Having a hard time coming up with ten, so I'll share something I don't necessarily like... the Ipod. While most of my friends own one, and they often sing its praises, I have no desire to get one. I don't have a particular distaste for the technology, I just don't own one. So that said, I can't love something I don't have. But it was an "I" word, and that counts for something. Right?

meme complete.


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I think you did an excellent job with the letter I.

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