Thursday, October 28, 2010

I got hit!

Like an idiot, I opened an email from someone I didn't know and the next second my computer went all kinds of crazy. It seems the email had one of those trojan horse things in it and before I could shout, "I shoulda bought a MAC!", my entire operating system went down. I did all the things I've heard you're supposed to do when that happens, but a scan still found 359 infected files. AAARRGH!!!

I had some friends over last night to watch the first game of the World Series and one of them spent over three and a half hours on my laptop scanning, deleting, downloading, and more stuff than I can even pretend to comprehend. He would make some progress, and then the virus would crash the computer and he'd have to start all over again. I kept telling him he didn't have to spend his time on that but he kept working. He finally left after 1am when it crashed on him one more time. But I think he made some headway.

I'm about due for a computer anyway (I'm using Ell's five year old hand-me-down), but the two books I'm writing are on there so I can't just throw it away. So, so frustrating. The people that write malicious software should all be hung and quartered. Seriously.

Besides the half written books, I only hope my computer doesn't send out any emails in my name and in turn affect other people's computer. Just to be on the safe side, don't open any emails from me for awhile. I don't email very many of you and I don't stay logged on my email account, so it shouldn't be that big of deal. But I thought I'd at least throw the warning out there.

Have I mentioned, AAARRGH!!! yet?

Monday, October 04, 2010

Life list, Bucket list, or some such thing

Amy put up a great post about things she dreams for her life. There was a movie a few years back about doing things on a so-called, "bucket list". At some point in Eleven's past I even linked to a life list that someone else made. Thinking about all of those made me wonder what my dream, life, bucket, or whatever name you call it-list would look like these days. I'm kind of wandering around with my old goals gone which leaves me with a noticeable lack of direction. Maybe it would do me some good to make a new list. Let's see.........
  • Thru-hike the Canal
  • Thru-hike the Appalachian Trail
  • Lose 80-100 pounds
  • Finish restoring the log part of my house
  • Get "Dwight's Farm" into the hands of some people who can make it big
  • Finish the other two books I have started by the end of 2011
  • Get more stuff on this list

Strange... nothing on that list goes more than a few years into the future. I wonder if it's healthy for me to even be looking at these kind of things right now. Sure, they could be seen as helpful in pursuing goals but I also see the potential for them being harmful by giving false hope for things that may not ever be a reality. Something to think about.

What about you; do you have a list?