Sunday, November 28, 2010


A have some news to share. Some or most of you already know what's going on in my life, but may have questions. To answer those questions and to inform those who don't know is the purpose of this post.

My dear Ell has left me and our marriage will soon be dissolved.

My desire is not for anyone to be mad at her, to feel sorry for me, or any other action that causes sides to be taken or blame placed. The core of what went wrong was that Ell and I didn't protect our marriage. We forgot that one another should have been more important than anything else in the world.

I've waited this long to post the news for a couple reasons. The first is out of respect for Ell. She posted her own pseudo-announcement last week so that frees my protection of her privacy. The second reason was not wanting this nightmare played out on something so public as the internet. But I have a family out here in the blogosphere and although it's smaller than it used to be, I wanted to give that family the opportunity to hear the news on the place the binds us together.

I doubt I'll speak more about this here on Eleven because it's not the appropriate place for conversations of this nature. You are welcome to email me, though. I'm not a closed book and will answer questions if asked.

I now must learn how to move on.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

A little quiz

My Dad's father was a truck driver. When he died we were cleaning out his house and I found a coffee cup with truck driver lingo printed all around the sides. As I'm sure everyone knows, truckers use CB's to communicate with other truckers; the first form of push-to-talk. Part of using a CB is learning how to decipher the code they talk in. Some of that code has leaked into regular language and is recognizable by us regular folk who have never driven a truck. Things like, "10-4" which means, "Okay" or, "I got the message." And, "Smokey" or, "Smokey the Bear" which means a police car has been spotted.

But besides the common ones, there are a lot more that most people who have never been on a CB would most likely not understand. So I thought I'd give a little quiz and see how many you can guess. Feel free to copy and paste the following into your comment and then post your answers. Here goes...

1) Handle
2) Drop the Hammer
3) Front Door
4) Back Door
5) Plain White Wrapper
6) Bear's Den
7) Big 10-4
8) Chicken Coop
9) On the side
10) Green Stamps
11) Rocking Chair

Good luck.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday... what a relief

Even though Saturday hours at the bank are only nine to twelve, it seems to take so much time out of my weekend. Thankfully I have the next two Saturdays off so I feel such a weight off my mind knowing I have the whole weekend off.

As for my computer woes, my friend Grant seems to have tackled the majority of the virus and I think I may be able to save my books in progress. That's such a huge relief I think I owe him something big as a thank you. In addition, I now know no nasty emails came from my email account so if you get something from me, it's safe to read it.

The biggest downside of not having my computer is that I don't get to participate in Nablopomo... the yearly post-every-day-for-month event. But even more than that, I'm missing out on reading the people who are doing it. I have to steal the Inn's computer to read the posts and unfortunately I only get to do that every weekend. Bummer.

Last weekend I got the chance to go see my family in Columbus. On Saturday my sister threw a birthday party for my Mom's sixtieth and then I got to hang out with my Dad for almost ten hours on Sunday. And I also got to meet Jen, a fellow blogger, which is one of my favorite things to do... meeting people you only know through the blogosphere. Always cool.

So there's my update post. I'm off to read some Nablo postings.