Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Curse, broken?

I think there is a cloud that hangs over my head when it comes to doing anything outdoorsy with the youth group.

First example, when I first started volunteering with this group, we had a camping trip scheduled. I went to the local State Park early in the day and rented 2 campsites. The weather was gorgeous and spirits were high. I packed up my classic 1966 Split-Window Volkswagen Bus with everything I owned that was camping related and headed to the church to meet with the kids and the then-leader. About halfway there, my Bus caught fire and it and all my stuff burned to the ground.

Later that summer we planned a bonfire at our house. As the kids arrived they were met with a smoking pile of wet wood that a freak rainstorm had drowned out. The evening was spent with 25 cranky kids tracking mud all through our house.

Last year when I took over the leadership of the group, I scheduled another camping trip. The first night we were dumped on in a horrible thunderstorm. That was followed by a 97 degree day with another thunderstorm that night. The day we left the weather cleared and we enjoyed 2 hours of 75 degree, cool breeze blowing, birds chirping weather as we prepared to leave. A nice slap in the face.

Since I didn't want the kids to hate camping forever, I scheduled another trip. The day we were to leave dawned with tornado warnings, lightning, and hail. Trip postponed.

Once more we attempted the elusive camping trip. We had a good turn out, but unfortunately it fell on the coldest September night in Ohio history accompanied by 55 mph driving wind that never let us start a fire. Another dismal failure.

And so I face another questionable year. One of my graduated seniors is leaving for the Navy in a few days and so I asked him to pick an activity or event he wanted to do before he left. He asked if we could have a cookout and go hiking. I thought that sounded like a great idea. So after watching the weather for a week and seeing nothing but blue skys and no rain, I scheduled a cookout and hike at the State Park. And wouldn't you know it, a wierd "weather anomoly" showed up overhead. The quacks on the local weather couldn't explain it. One minute it was clear, and the next it was raining. I felt like calling up the TV station and letting them know I planned a cookout and that's why it was raining. Since I figured they could trace the call, I didn't make it.

And so now I had to decide what to do. Do I continue with the plans and make the kids hike in a downpour, or do I risk it and hope the weird weather cuts us a break? I was determined to break this curse, so I forged ahead. With the rain hitting the windshield as we pulled out, we hoped for the best. And wouldn't you know it the rain was gone by the time we pulled in and we had a great time. And to top it off we had 5 visitors. What a great night!!! I think I may have broken the curse. I doubt it, but we'll see..................


Blogger Adrienne said...

Hello Sam!

I found you...much by luck since you are right, I normally forget to read comments on old posts.

I'm glad your trip turned out well, that must have been a relief.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Thanks for stopping by Adrienne. We did have a really great night last night. No rain, it wasn't too hot, it was perfect.

10:37 AM  

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