Friday, June 30, 2006

Just for Fun

Since I've been so serious lately, I thought I'd share something funny before the weekend. If I stole this from someone out there I apologize for not crediting you!

A blind man was going on a business trip to Texas. When he arrived at the hotel, he asked where he could get a drink. The cashier at the front desk escorted the gentleman to the lounge and led him to a seat at the bar. When he felt the stool he exclaimed, "Man, this a big stool!" The cashier informed him, "Everything is bigger in Texas."

The blind man sat down at the bar and ordered a beer. When the large mug was placed between his hands he exclaimed, "Man this is a big beer!" The bartender responded with the same statement, "Everything is bigger in Texas."

After a couple of the oversized brews, the blind man asked the bartender where he could find a restroom. The bartender answered, "Down the hall, second door on the left." As he felt his way along the hall, the blind man felt and passed the first door. He then tripped and fell, completely missing the second door. As he pulled himself up, he felt for the doorknob. The one he found opened into the hotel pool, and he fell face first into the water. As he came up, he flailed his arms and screamed at the top of his lungs, "Don't flush! Don't flush!"


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