Friday, June 09, 2006

V (part 2)

I thought I would do a follow up on my V for Vendetta post. First, to add a little to what I said before, and second to share with you some of the discussions I have had with others who have seen the movie.

I have had 3 seperate debates/talks about the movie since I did my last post. One of the things that kept coming up was the fact that the Chancelor (the "bad guy" in the movie) was taking away people's rights. He was not allowing anyone the freedom of religion or speech. And for that reason, he was to be hated. My response to that was simple: if that makes you hate him, then the writers did their job. The writers made a character with some horrible traits that any person would object to. They made him mean, loud, and ugly. But then the writers added to the character and the story line by making what this Chancelor stood for be the very morals and beliefs that you and I live by. It is of course an additional part of the story and not the main plot of hate, torture, and murder. It is unspoken until you see it play out on "victims" of his hate. So as a result, you hate the guy from the get-go. But what are you hating? Well you hate what the Chancelor stands for; primarily Morality, Christianity, Patriotism. He pushes these things with a hard-line terror-inducing attitude that causes you the viewer anger. But those things are the basis of his political agenda. Kind of sneeky how they weaved that in there isn't it?

Another comment I heard (even though is wasn't from her I can hear my friend Kimmy saying this) was "You think way too much into things!" Which is of course true, but I like to see every side. I will try to lighten up next time I see a movie so that y'all can enjoy it! :-)



Blogger Kimmy said...

Surely you can't possibly be referring to me? Okay, so I might say that...

I do completely understand all of your points, though I have yet to see the movie. I must admit, I am now overly curious to see it so I can officially decide whether you are truly thinking way too much into things.

My, I am quite smug aren't I, as if my decision on the matter is the official word. Well, it kinda is.

*runs away, smug cloud ever-growing above her*

2:05 PM  

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