Sunday, November 26, 2006

Surprise...Part 6...The Good Stuff

Around midnight we entered into the solitary confinement section. It was in the left diagonal at the back of the prison. If my nose hadn't been running so bad from it being so cold, I am assured it would have smelled like death. The solitary had no windows. The cells were tiny rooms with nothing in them except a weird sink/toilet combo thing and a huge wall heater that we were told was to keep the entire area at 95 degrees to keep the prisoners lethargic. The doors were solid steel with solid concrete walls and ceiling. Solitary occupied three floors but it wasn't open like the cell wings were. We walked through all three floors and snapped some pictures. We were pretty cold so we left there and went into the heated office where we started the night and got some coffee. A lady came in who had a really nice digital camera. She said she had taken a creepy picture earlier in the night in the solitary. Since it was so fresh in my mind I was pretty interested to see what she had. She handed us the camera and on it was a picture of the exact floor of solitary we had just left 2 minutes before. The picture was of a curved hallway at the end of the second floor. Her flash had lit up the room like it was day, but right in the center of the picture was a black spot about 2 feet in diameter. It was black as black can be and you could see nothing behind it. I had literally just been there and I knew there was nothing in that spot that could have caused that to happen. So we had finally seen something pretty weird. But it would not compare at all to our own first-hand experience later that night.

Around 4am we entered into the warden's quarters and into his office. The room was about 12 feet by 12 feet with three bay windows on the opposite wall from the door we entered in. Except for a chair in the corner the room was empty. As we walked in, a single ball of light was floating in the center of the room. For those of you that don't know me you need to know that I definitely believe in ghosts. But as I encountered that orb, or whatever you want to call it, I immediately tried to reason it away. I thought for sure it had to be the reflection of our flashlights in the windows. That was until Ell started swinging her flashlight around and the orb didn't move. I had one more test to ensure my eyes weren't tricking me...I turned off my flashlight. The orb remained floating in the center of the room. So much for my reasoning! I snapped some pictures and Ell videotaped it. We weren't scared at all the entire time. We stayed in the room for about 5 minutes and then moved on. We came back into the room about 10 minutes later and the orb was still there but now there were two. We watched them for about a minute but then we heard some people coming and the lights disappeared. We still had our flashlights on when they disappeared which just further trashed my reflection theory.

No I know some, or most, of you don't believe in ghosts. [Many denounce ghost talk as demonic which I don't wanna get into now. If you do, pull up a chair around a bonfire or on my porch and we'll talk.] Some people argue that anyone who claims to see ghosts are looking for attention and are lying. And still others say that all paranormal activity can be explained away. I can tell you right now that what happened to us that night may have a perfectly good explanation, but my own limited trials I did in that tiny room only proved to me that what I was seeing was real. And it was so AWESOME!!! I will never forget those orbs as long as I live. If you ever have the chance to run into me I'll show you the video. And one last time, I thank my wonderful wife for an amazing night I will never forget! She really stepped out of her comfort zone to do this surprise for me. She really is amazing, that wife of mine!


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Thanks for finally easing our suspense level! I'd totally want to hear more on Tuesday!

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