Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hello old (and new) friends

So November is over. And in its passing I've seen the return of some old blogging friends as well as some new links to eleven. And for all of you who might be wondering why, or how, I write so much, don't get used to it. I was extended a challenge by Kimmy to blog everyday in the month of November; and I accepted. So after a grueling month of tapping my fingers on the keyboard each and every day, I'm now back to my normal two or three times a week. The challenge was fun, and there was a lot of really good stuff being written by many people. So if you have an extra two or twenty hours to spend in front of your computer, go back and check out the November archives. You won't be disappointed.

And speaking of posting a lot, my dear friend Dave has returned to blogging. And in response to the craziness of November's posting frenzy, he has questioned all of us to respond. So click HERE or go towards the bottom of my blogroll and click on his name, and answer his queries.

And one more hello, but this one a bit less energetic. December seems to have come in with a flurry. Literally. Our old log house did not like the bitter winds of this early winter storm. Ell and I were both gone all day yesterday, and my oh my was our house cold when I got home last night. Heating with only wood carries a certain romance to it, but it also carries frozen toes and 40 degree indoor temperatures. BRRR. But some people claim to like this miserable season, so hello Winter. Welcome. Hope your stay is pretty, but brief.


Blogger Laura said...

Well by the time that I got home at 10pm, 5 hours after the fire was started for the evening it was actually starting to get warm in the house. Romantic shmantic!

5:06 PM  

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