Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My friend Linda sent me an email asking me to post. So here I am.

Truth is, I've wanted to post about a hundred times. About my garden. About my plans for a canal thru-hike. About the intense time at our Band of Brothers group and the plans we made for the 24th. About my wife. About my job. About my prayer life. About the heat. About my friend Mike and his recent thoughts. About my friends coming home.

Then I found out about the death of my dear friend Kimmy's Mom. At that point all the stuff in my head seemed so stupid and selfish. It seemed like, in the big picture, that all the stuff going on in my life was small and silly compared to the absolute sadness Kimmy (and her brother, Mike) must be feeling. How empty life must seem when one loses a parent. I had already missed the calling hours and couldn't go to the funeral, so I couldn't even give her a big Sam hug. Honestly, I felt helpless and useless to help. I prayed for her. That's all I could do.

So there's my post. I'm sorry it's short and down. Love you Kimmy. I hope you see this through only the way you can do. I hope to meet your Mom in heaven one day.



Blogger Kimmy said...

Thank you Sam.

10:53 PM  

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