Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Funny

Happy first day of Summer. In honor of this occasion, I'm going to once again combine a Friday Funny with an At the Bank selection. This is a good one too.

We have a comments section in our computer system at the bank, and any employee who has access to a customer's account profile can add information that would be helpful to other employees. Last week we had a customer who was having all kinds of overdraft issues. When I looked up his account I found this addition from an operator in our telephone banking department...

5/8/2008 Do not give info over the phone
to this customer. Says he is a transgendered
male. My supv. said to have him go to branch.
If he is indeed transgender, please put an
alert on the account at branch level so we
won't inconvenience him again. Cust extremely
irate and hostile despite my attempts to
explain our policies to him. Do not give him
my name as he repeatedly threatened me.

Yes, folks, sometimes this job can be fun. Have a great weekend everyone.


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