Monday, October 04, 2010

Life list, Bucket list, or some such thing

Amy put up a great post about things she dreams for her life. There was a movie a few years back about doing things on a so-called, "bucket list". At some point in Eleven's past I even linked to a life list that someone else made. Thinking about all of those made me wonder what my dream, life, bucket, or whatever name you call it-list would look like these days. I'm kind of wandering around with my old goals gone which leaves me with a noticeable lack of direction. Maybe it would do me some good to make a new list. Let's see.........
  • Thru-hike the Canal
  • Thru-hike the Appalachian Trail
  • Lose 80-100 pounds
  • Finish restoring the log part of my house
  • Get "Dwight's Farm" into the hands of some people who can make it big
  • Finish the other two books I have started by the end of 2011
  • Get more stuff on this list

Strange... nothing on that list goes more than a few years into the future. I wonder if it's healthy for me to even be looking at these kind of things right now. Sure, they could be seen as helpful in pursuing goals but I also see the potential for them being harmful by giving false hope for things that may not ever be a reality. Something to think about.

What about you; do you have a list?


Anonymous Rob said...

Weird. I picked up an old notebook a couple of hours before i read your post and had just read a similar list i'd written sometime in the last few years.

Here are a few of the items:

-Become debt free
-Lose 65 pounds (and keep it off)
-Invent something people need
-Buy a complete stranger a brand new car.

Optimistic? Yes...but i've always been a dreamer at heart.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Hollie said...

I guess I'm afraid to put a list out there because if it doesn't end up happening, I feel like a failure. And I'm so tired of failing.......!
But those are wonderful goals! And I have all the faith in the world for everyone else but myself! I really DO think that you will make this happen. And I think that having lists (or whatever you want to call it) does help us find direction for ourselves.
By the way, I would like to read your first book and the two that you have on your list! LOL!

1:08 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

that is a great list, sam. i have lists all over the place, though none like this. i have a mental one in my head... maybe i should make it more official.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Swedish Mama said...

Kinda had one, life kicked it to pieces. Now it is to the best I can at what I can. And to have more faith and be more patient.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

It's funny how "life" messes with our "life" lists. From what I've seen in movies and tv, the list we make is supposed to be unwavering, never able to be changed, made up of stretch-goals that can't be knocked over. And yet, "life" keeps knocking them over. Part of me wants to say that maybe that's why those examples are only in the make-believe of tv and movies, because they are in fact, unattainable. But there's another part of me that wonders if we should be protecting our list from being ammended. True, someone dying or leaving our presence may erase the possibility of things on the list that involved that person from happening, so maybe my list needs to be "my" list. And if we're lucky enough to accomplish something on the list with someone by our side... bonus. So maybe our list should truly be our really personal thing and not allow for shared accomplishment. Doing that doesn't deny us companionship, just from depending on others to complete. That's an angle I didn't look at before.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Hollie, I sold all of the first two orders of my first book, but I'm getting another shipment ordered this weekend. Shoot me an email at elliottpipe at g mail dot com and I'll put you on the list.

And thanks for your comment. This post could be a great conversation and I'm glad you joined in. I'm glad the rest of you did too, but I know who you are. ;)

12:15 AM  
Anonymous amy said...

well, cool!!!! i hope you get to do those hikes....i think how much of a great experience LIFE CHAGNING and all that would be!!! thanks for the encouragement too, Sam, on my blog. it meant a lot.

congrats on getting a book written! wow! that is truly AMAZING. i hope i can read it someday. how do i get a copy?

12:37 PM  
Blogger Kristen said...

I have a friend who has been bugging me to make a bucket list. And there are things that I would like to do before I die, however, I have learned that it isn't about what I plan, but rather that I keep my mind and heart open to where and what God leads me to be and do. There are things I can still want to do even while following God's plan, but I don't think I can make a detailed list, because I feel like God is working so much in my life right now, and I don't want to get in His way!

I like this post though, and I would love to see you get some or all of these things. I have faith in you! Love You!

8:25 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

sam!!! i just saw videos of you and chip richter on his facebook!!! :) yay!! small world ;)

8:33 PM  
Blogger Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

Love this list. No, what I love is that you're making a list. Many people never make a list. You are not those people. :) Proud of you!


10:43 PM  

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