Friday, November 16, 2012

14 days delayed

We've had some good and bad outcomes of our plans here in Ohio.

Good: Figured out a lot of stuff for the wedding including nailing down the layout of the location, meeting with our amazing flower lady, working through budgets with her Mom, and deciding on some good cupcake ideas. I got my tires for the GTI. We went to see our local banker to sort out some banking mess from living in NC and combining our checking accts. I also got to meet up with some dear friends for long hours of catch up.
Bad: My tattoo was supposed to be last night, but the artwork turned out to be flawed in design which is not good news for something that will be on my skin forever. So no new ink for Sam. I'm a little bummed because the guy that was going to do the work is one of the best line guys in the business, and this design (large, two-sided celtic knotwork) is all lines.

We still have some more wedding stuff to do tomorrow morning, and a party with our friends tomorrow night. We're really looking forward to both of those.

Since I have nothing worth blogging about in my own brain, let's dig into Kimmy's for a few questions...

1. What do you miss most about living in Ohio? What do you miss least?
I miss my garden, and I miss my friends. Those two things are on my mind almost every day.
Least? For some reason I find that question hard to answer. I really like Ohio and didn't move to run away from anything or because I hated anything, but just to start anew. So there's not much I dwell on that instantly springs to mind about this question. Maybe the weather swings of Ohio..... yeah, let's go with that.

2. Do you believe in ghosts? Do you have any personal experience with apparitions or hauntings?
Yes. I'd get long-winded if I were to explain it, so I'll just give the setting and maybe talk about it another time. Ell and I were at the Mansfield Reformatory for an overnight event.

3. Aside from beer, what is your favorite thing to drink?
Water; without a doubt. Sometimes I buy fancy artesian waters just to experience nuances in something so pure and simple. I drink a lot of water and find happiness in it. On a side note, I haven't had (soda) pop in twelve years.

I'll leave the other two questions for another time. We're working on plans to maybe go to the Steel Trolley Diner tonight. Mmmmm...................


Blogger Kimmy said...

Is the wedding going to be in Ohio?

Can't wait to hear the details on question two!

9:43 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

I'm glad the flaw was prior to it going on Sam's arm...

My sister went through an especially moronic stage (she's always a little moronic), and got a large tatoo that came out like garbage. She had talked about getting a badge for a long time, but ended up getting "Riggs" tattooed on her arm. It's really a hideous job. When asked why she didn't go with the badge she had talked about, she said, "Oh Sammy wasn't good enough to do something like that."

We all thought that should have been a good clue she shouldn't have let him do anything.

I guess that to say be glad you were smart enough to wait! ;)

8:05 PM  

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