Saturday, July 13, 2013

Forty five checkmarked

Remember the license plate game when you were a kid? You go on a long road trip with the family and see how many different states you can find by their license plates... I always had fun with that. Alli and I love playing that game whenever we can. Often that happens just driving through our touristy town that on any given day can boast license plates from all over the country.

Driving to Ohio for the wedding, on a holiday week no less, was perfect fodder for the license plate game. And it turned out exactly as we expected with forty five different states checkmarked off the list... easily the best results we've ever experienced. The funniest part is that we had ten states before we even left town.

(For those hoping to see some wedding follow-up, I'll put up a post --with pics-- sometime this week.)


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