Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Let's go Bucs!!!

My beloved Pittsburgh Pirates are doing amazing this year. While many clubs can claim their sports team sucks one year or another, the Pirates have had a losing season for two decades now. Barring the world falling apart in the next month, this year will not add to that statistic. Not only that, at more than a couple points this season, they have carried the best record in Major League baseball.

Tonight I have the rare opportunity to be watching a Pirates game on TV. Living in North Carolina now, the majority of games shown are the Atlanta Braves, which is the closest MLB team. Boooo!!! As I sit here watching the game, there have been quite a few things that have made me smile. I thought I'd share them...

  • When I turned on the game it was the bottom of the third, and the Bucs were down 3-0. A walk put a runner on base, a single put another one on, a double scored both of those runners, and then an amazing triple by their big man scored the tying run.
  • There is a little girl in every camera shot of the batter from the third base line, and she's holding up a sign with her name on it: Zoey. The field reporter eventually made his way to her and gave her a short interview. What a sweet little girl who will now famous amongst her friends.
  • A couple times they have shown the view of the Pittsburgh skyline from inside the ballpark, and I am reminded that PNC may very well be the most beautiful park in all of baseball.
  • Tonight is Pup Night at the stadium, and there are tons of dogs in the ballpark. What an awesome idea. (I may be a bit biased as I sit on the couch watching baseball with my new pooch at my side.)
  • They keep showing shots of the park from within the walls, and I realized this is the first season in at least a decade I won't be able to see the Pirates in person. Thanks to the camera crew for letting be there in spirit.

Let's go Bucs!!!


Blogger Adrienne said...

Pittsburgh has this dirty, nasty, city image in my mind...as well as an amazing, gorgeous, appealing place -- not sure how it's both, but it is.

But...I just perused all of your wedding pics and re-read your previous post and, seriously, just the best to both of you. Incredible...beautiful and sweet.

2:15 AM  
Anonymous bill said...

adrienne you need to get out more

9:20 PM  
Blogger Kyle said...

This past season certainly was exciting. It was fun to go to bars and watch the post season games and cheer with everyone.

11:10 AM  

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