Sunday, November 17, 2013

Back from the mountains - Part Seventeen

What a fun weekend. 

We climbed mountain after mountain.
We slept under the stars.
We scared some other hikers.
We walked through the clouds and then got high enough to be above them.
We were rained on all three days. 
We hiked the ridge line of a mountain range called, "Seven Sisters."
We spent half our hiking time close to a mile above sea level. 
We slid.
We slipped.
We fell.
We got back up.
We pooped in the woods.
We got respectful nods from day-hikers who were uber impressed (and jealous) we were backpacking.
We talked late into the night.
We made and drank cowboy coffee to wake up in the morning.
We pumped water out of crystal clear, ice cold, mountain springs and streams.
We sweated and shivered, sometimes at the same time. 
We saw views from mountain tops that some will only dream of.

And the best part...
At the end of our three day hike, we were met by wives who were super happy to see us and hugged and kissed us despite how we smelled.

What a fun weekend. 


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