Saturday, October 11, 2014


A few months ago, the bank where I work hired a part-time banker who works only three days a week, one of them being every Saturday. At that point, I got my weekends back. Alli barely ever works Saturdays, so the recovery of a few days together every week was refreshing. Well, today is one of her rare Saturdays to be at work, so I packed a pipe, filled my coffee cup (this happened more than just once), and sat down to do what I used to do all the time: read through my blogroll.

As expected, most of the blogs have gone silent (mine included). Some of them have been replaced or moved, others taken over by spam, and even others completely disappeared. It's sad, but definitely not surprising. I've ranted about that before and won't bother anyone with it again. But I do miss those days.

Since my last post, I turned 39. One more year before it all goes downhill. That is how it goes, right? At least I've heard that mentioned a dozen or so times. When it happened, I thought about writing a bucket list for this last year before turning the big Four O. I didn't do it. I'm alright turning forty, really. But it obviously brings with it some contemplation. And I'm great at the contemplation game. I also won't bother anyone with that either.

Anyway, if anyone cares for an update, here goes...
  • Still living in our NC mountain town, and loving it.
  • Once again I find myself running sound at church
  • Oh yeah, I'm going back to church now.
  • Still a Banker, and once again selling investments.
  • L.O.V.E. having a dog, and I keep having to remind myself (almost daily) why we don't have more.
  • Over the summer we took both out-law families up their first mountain, which was also Alli's first mountain
  • I acquired some borrowed land at the base of a mountain, and once again have a garden. This brings more smiles to my face on more occasions than I can put into words
That's about it for now. Not sure when I'll be back to write more, but I do know I'm not ready to delete this thing yet. It's meant way too much to me over the years to say goodbye so easily. So until then...


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