Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some New Names

I've added a couple new blogs to my roll. I decided to add those people [who shall remain nameless Kim and Kevin] who don't blog very often. Even though they don't write very often, I still check as often as I do everyone else so I decided to add them. No guilt trip, but the rest of us really do want to know what's on your mind! I know you think you never have anything to say, but if Kimmy can blog three times in a row about pie, anything you have to say can't be that bad! Another name I added is a guy I know named Kyle. He is currently at a seminary and he has to do a blog for one of his classes. I don't always agree with everything he has to say, but hey, that's what makes life fun isn't it? I also added my sister Karin. Not really sure why I never added her before, just slipped my mind. If anyone wants to check out her family, she's posts a lot of pictures. And lastly, but definitely not least, my wife also started a blog. I guess she thought working 50 hours a week, going to Nursing school full time, and working at the pregnancy center, wasn't enough stuff to do. Not sure how often she'll write, but check her out anyway.

Catch y'all later.


Blogger Kyle said...

sometimes i wonder if i even agree with myself. the blog is supposed to be a list of thoughts in developing my worldview. it will be nice to go back and read through all of them later.

1:09 AM  

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