Monday, December 11, 2006

My apologies...

... to those people who tried to read my blog on Friday only to find it all messed up. I tried to add some links and when I saved the changes, the whole thing went crazy. I'm sure it was blogger acting all stupid b/c no matter what I did, it wouldn't change the look. And then when I checked it Saturday night, it was back to normal with all the changes I'd made. Blogger can be rather frustrating at times, but then it seems to bounce right back.

... for not updating in a while. I "LOVE" to read about people's lives and hear about what they're doing, what they're family is up to, how much work sucks, and everything else. Those updates are nice little glimpses into people's live I'd never have otherwise. This morning I realized that in all my ranting about the cold, posting some jokes, and all the under mundane stuff I write about, (besides the ghost stories) I haven't talked about what's up with me in a while. So if you care, I'll do an update later today.

... for not posting more pictures. I got two emails this week from people complaining that I never post anything to look at. Well, my only excuse is that I'm not a very good photographer. Ell has had some really nice 35mm cameras over the years and my friends have some really nice digital cameras, but I'm a disposable camera guy. I really like taking pictures and those things are so easy to just throw in your pocket. And in fact, I actually take a ton of pictures. We have no less that 12 photo albums in our house just from the time Ell and I have been together. That's more than anyone else I know in that amount of time. I wouldn't mind having a nice camera, I just won't spend the money on that for myself. And I can't figure out how to transfer my regular-film pictures onto a digital format to post them on the blog. The only pics that have ever been on here have been placed by my sister Kristen or my wife. So that's why I don't post more pictures.



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