Monday, December 11, 2006

My last few days

Saturday night I was one of five judges for the Toronto, Ohio Christmas parade. Besides it being really cold, it was fun. The parade was being taped and televised on a local cable station. The judges stand was set up on the back of a flatbed truck right beside where the cameras were set up. So when the performers got to us they stopped and did their routine or whatever right in front of us. There was a little girls dance group, some tumbling acts, a really awesome pop-and-lock type dance group, a karate school, three bands, three fire stations and their trucks, twelve floats, an old-school Harley biker club, a group of high school kids who had chopped/welded pedal bikes into some really interesting designs, the football homecoming court, all followed up by a super float with Santa. Toronto is a pretty small town, but they go all out for their holidays. It seemed the whole town was out for this thing. It was a good time. On a side note, the cameras were directly across from my bank so I got a lot of free advertising. Nice!

After the parade, we had our company party. It was kinda strange sitting in the lobby of the bank eating food and drinking beer. All under the watchful eye of the security cameras and the technicians on the other end. I bet they live for this time of year and people having parties at the bank. Hoping some people get drunk, maybe a fight or two, some dancing on the counters, that kind of stuff. We had nothing of the sort. We did a gift exchange, ate some cookies, and just sat around and talked for an hour or so. I have a really great group of tellers. In my years of working in banks, I've had the misfortune of working with some really worthless individuals. This group of ladies does not fall into that category. We all headed out around 9:30 and probably everyone went somewhere else to get their party on.

Yesterday, Ell and I headed to the local tree farm and got our Christmas tree. I grew up always having an artificial tree, and she grew up sometimes not having a tree at all. So we decided when we got married we would always have a live tree. I know, I know, tree hugger me killing a living thing. My justification is trying to plant at least one or two new trees every year to replace the oxygen givers. Anyway....... I went to church last night while Ell stayed home and tried to sleep off the migraine she woke up with. When I got home, our friends Andrew, Lyndsay, and Brad came over to help us decorate the tree. We got a little crazy and decided to make it as gaudy as we could. We put every ornament we had collected over the years on the tree. The tree has no empty spaces on it anywhere. It's pretty funny looking. To really complete the white-trash look, we cut the top of a beer can someone left at our house (since goodness knows the beer-snob I am ain't gonna drink beer out of a can,) and put it on the top of the tree as our star. It's classic! I may try to get a picture posted, but don't hold your breath! :-)

We finished off the night with the traditional watching of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. If you've never seen that movie, you have to rent it. No, buy it. You won't be disappointed. One more thing happened that was kind of funny. Our new kitten we found at the Street Fair, well she smelled the pizza we were eating and jumped up on the table. Someone saw her and yelled at her and she got freaked out and stepped into/dumped a whole thing of garlic sauce all over herself. The poor little thing was covered! Ell and Brad tried to clean her off, but she was still all greasy this morning. The other cats were "cleaning" her all night too. I felt bad for her but it was sooooooo funny!


Blogger kimw said...

Speaking of the Griswolds...

I have seen a house this year that FAR, FAR, FAR surpasses the gaudiness of the Griswold house. It's in Struthers - the far side, almost into Lowellville. It's a huge, beautiful house with a huge yard to match. The yard if FILLED with every imaginable Christmas inflatable. You know the ones - with a compressor inside that blows it full of air. If there is one, there is 150 in this yard. They probably own one of every kind ever made, and if they don't own it now, they will before long. Every inch of this yard is covered with these inflatables. They have spotlights on them and there are lights everywhere. Truly gaudy, but fantastic. It must be seen by all. It must.

9:04 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

It was a great time putting on the decorations and getting to have a tradition that we have followed for so many years. I especially like the champagne of beers on top of the tree to give it a little extra.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martin Luther is rolling over in his grave.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Brad B... said...

ya man that tree is so tacky... we couldn't have fit one more ornament on that tree... top it all of with a miller high life... its miller time... read that sam and mike... i know you will...

5:40 PM  

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