Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Three Things...

Kimmy tagged me on a list. So here goes.

Three things...

...that scare me: Driving in bad ice/snow, falling asleep at the wheel, something bad happening to someone in my family.
...people that make me laugh: Andrew Stryffeler, Lewis Black, Will Ferrell.
...I love: my wife, my garden, my close friends.
...hate: TV news, people who lie, bad drivers.
...I don't understand: why so many people just believe things they hear/read without doing their own research, how so much information fits into/onto things like microchips and network blades, my own thoughts.
...on my desk: pictures of Ell, a stack of notepads, business cards.
...I'm doing right now: pretending to do a report so I can fool around on non-work things like this list, playing drums on my desk, thinking about a lot more than just what's in front of me.
...I want to do before I die: Thru-hike the AT, own a Shelby Mustang, visit Hawaii.
...I can do well: throw a great party, eat twice my age in chicken wings, grow a really good garden.
...you should always listen to: your parents (good or bad, they will help you shape who you are,) music that you like, God
...you should never listen to: Country music, people who refuse to listen to you, people telling you to act your age.
...I'd like to learn how to do: sign language, rebuild a Volkswagen air-cooled engine, manage my finances better.
...favorite foods: apples, pizza, fresh vegetables.
...beverages I drink regularly: water, beer, Starbucks coffee (which my Mom always said I'd learn to like.)
...TV shows I watched as a kid: Cosby Show, Dukes of Hazzard, the Fall Guy.
...books I read as a kid: Little House series (over and over and over,) Narnia series, Zane Grey westerns.
...bloggers to tag:
Andrew, Laura, Kristen.


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