Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho

A little update on the work situation...

A few posts back I mentioned that time was an issue I was going to have to deal with at the new branch. I also spoke of the other personnel in the office and their stand-off attitudes towards me. Those two things, along with the knowledge that my superiors have an actual plan for my departure, were my biggest obstacles in the new branch.

Since I can't do anything about my bosses wanting me gone, all I can do is keep my nose clean. Like I mentioned before, they have to come up with 3 strikes to let me go. So far they don't have anything on me, but they sure are trying. The first goal is to make sure I don't hit my sales numbers. I've been placed on a permanent rotation of filling in for a number of other positions within the branch, and each one of them makes it impossible to do my job or to make sales. As a result, I'm behind in almost every sales category with 3 days left in the month. In direct comparison, the other two people on the desk are way over their sales because they get all the roaming customers and phone calls that normally would have been mine.

But that's one thing that has changed: my coworkers. There was definite tension before which played out by all of them keeeping their distance. But with me filling in so many positions and working in so many areas I've now spent time with every person here. And in each instance I made sure I did the best job I could so I could win them over. The hesitation to associate with "the guy who's being phased out" has turned into a true desire to do all they can to help me make my sales numbers.

But the time thing is still a huge problem. Don't get me wrong, I'm not whining or moaning about stuff I could do if I just buckled down a little more. I am so swamped doing all those other jobs that I simply can't get anything done in my office. I would literally have to stay until 10 o'clock every night to finish all the paperwork, but most of the offices and departments I need to communicate with are closed by 5 pm. See my dilemma? It's not that I don't work hard, it's more that the timetables needed to do my responsibilities are occupied by my filling in for other positions. I simply can't complete anything.

The key to my success here is going to come from the other employees. They can see the time restraints that have been placed on me and have repeatedly offered their assistance. I'm taking it and returning the favor by working by butt off in the other positions I fill in for. It's a nice exchange.

But my goal is still to move on from here. The machine wants me gone and know I can only hold it off for so long. I desire to walk out on my own terms, so I have to be looking. Since there is zero personal time at the office, my efforts must be made outside of work. I've had three leads for jobs, but none of them are full time positions nor do they pay a full salary. I'm not being picky, but I'm also not going to just take the first thing that comes my way. I still think my paths are lead by a higher power, so I have to have faith He has this under control. Wish me luck and throw a prayer my way if you're of that persuasion. Thanks.


Blogger Kyle said...

you're a christian?!?

9:38 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

It's quite admirable that you've been able to deal with the people/situation the way you have - I'm glad it is at least the best of a bad situation.

1:48 AM  
Blogger 3rd string's finest said...

I'll be praying for ya, buddy.

3:29 PM  
Blogger Sweet Peripety said...

still praying for ya!

4:03 AM  

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