Monday, August 25, 2008

Excess, a seperate thought

Here's the problem with the previous post as I presented it... I didn't write it when I felt it.

Like I've mentioned many times before, I'm always writing or detailing or outlining "words" in my head. Those words range from writing new posts, adding background to my book, having future conversations with people, making lesson plans for Bible study, debating political beliefs, and so much more. The thought streams that stick around or reoccur are the ones that see the light outside my brain.

If I can get to those topics as they are happening or even shortly after, they are inspired and on-task and usually something I'm happy with. Even as I wrote the previous post I wasn't happy with it. I was going into tangents that weren't part of my original thoughts and writing words I hadn't even contemplated. In fact, I wrote and deleted whole sections at least a few times trying to get it sounding right. I should have taken my own vibe and quit while I was ahead.

While I still stand behind my statement that we have and waste that which we could give and preserve, the way that opinion came out wasn't how it was written in my head. The water thing was a trigger for a much bigger lion I'm wrestling with, and I should have recognized it. Please know I'm happy with the conversation that happened there, just not with how I started it; it wasn't the finest hour in my writing career. This topic should have been addressed better and I'll rectify that sometime soon.

Thanks to all who commented, and go Bucs.


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