Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day two of Four days and a wedding

8:00 am Rolled out of bed. Yikes. I really slept in today.
8:15 Had a violent coughing spell and expelled a huge amount of green and brown flem. (An audible sigh rings out, "Sam, you didn't have to share that part.")
8:17 Remembered that our new digital box gets a station that shows an hour of Spiderman cartoons and I've already missed 17 minutes of it.
9:00 Scrounge around for work clothes (work as in outside work, not shirt and tie) and head outside to work on the house.
11:30 Friends Brad and Chip show up and strip aluminum siding off back side of log part of the house. Then we move porch furniture and heeeeeeeavy kindling box. Man; I did not plan on ever moving that thing.
12:30 pm Friend Mike arrives and pressure washing begins. Ell arrives soon after with friend Grant and everyone works on pressure washing, scraping, washing, trimming of windows, cleaning, siding securing, sanding, and much more dirty work.
6:30 Start cleaning up and drinking.
8:15 Head to grocery store with friend Ginny to buy dinner fixin's. Buy Ell two steel kitchen scrubbing pads and a couple orange roses to commemorate our eleventh anniversary. Regret not putting up one of those emotional anniversary posts that many have been doing lately. But that wouldn't be original now would it? Remind myself that steel scrubbing pads are super original and they'll make her smile.
9:00 Dinner and drinks and good conversation.
11:30 Head inside to watch SNL.
12:20 am Notice flashing lights outside and realize the power company has chosen this time to work on our still snapped pole. Hurriedly light candles in anticipation of power outage.
12:22 Lights go out.
12:40 Struggle to stay awake in candlelit room. Say half-conscious goodbyes as friends leave.
1:45 Wake up as power is restored. Try to convince Mike and Ginny to just spend the night but they insist tomorrow is busy and they should go. Say a small prayer as they pull out that God will keep them awake.
2:00 Hit the sack again well past an hour I want to.


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