Tuesday, November 11, 2008

eleven eleven

I wanted to post a separate thought from the "figure" question. Today is Veteran's Day. The day we honor those in uniform that have served our country. It's not like Memorial Day where we honor those that have fallen in service of their country, rather it's a day we thank those that have and now are serving in our Armed Forces. A day we try to show them respect we can never fully acknowledge or express.

This post is for you, Evan. Thank you for willingly joining the Navy during wartime with the full knowledge that you could be sent onto the battlefront at any moment. Thank you for doing that which I did not do. Thank you for protecting my wife. Thank you for protecting my parents. Thank you for protecting my sisters. Thank you for protecting my friends.

I love and miss you, Evan; more than I could, or do tell you. On this Veteran's Day I honor you for your sacrifice. Thank you, Evan.


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