Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Funny

(This is an "At the Bank" story too.) For the last eight years I've worked at least an hour away from home and so it happened that in all those years I never ran into one person I knew from home. My new bank is only fifteen minutes from home and I haven't gone one day without meeting someone I know.

One of those meetings happened this week and it was a lady I went to church with growing up. I was rolling over her CD and we got to reminiscing about those years. As I talked to her, I remembered something my sisters and I had done to her when we were kids. For those who knew our family, you know that we practically lived at church on the weekends. One Sunday afternoon we were at church a couple hours before service started, and, well, we were bored. So we decided to prank call people from the church office phone. We were only kids so the best joke going for kids aged twelve, eleven, and nine, was the, "Is your refrigerator running?" joke. That Sunday we called on this lady, and after delivering the, "Well you better go catch it" punchline, we hung up on her. Even though it was funny, I felt like I'd committed an unforgivable sin.

All these years later, I still felt horrible we were so mean to this lovely old woman. So since she was in my office, I took the opportunity to apologize to her. She of course didn't remember it and assured me everything was alright. Then she told me our prank was nothing and that she had a story to tell about her childhood. Here's what she said...

When she was a teenager her family lived in a big city. Her parents would often go out for the night and when they did, she would call a taxi to come to her neighbors house. Then she'd wait until it arrived and her and her siblings would have a blast watching the confused neighbors and the irate taxi driver.

Now that's an awesome prank, and a hilarious story. All from an old lady I thought would never hurt a fly.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Blogger Adrienne said...

I bet to hear her tell it was amazingly funny! If only we could find a taxi now...

1:30 AM  

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