Thursday, July 09, 2009

An update

I had no less than 19 emails over the past few days and I wanted to assure all of you who asked, that my new job is going great. There's been a few hiccups like getting me full access to the computer system, and a pile of pending items left over from the guy I replaced, but other than that everything has gone really well. I know banking, and I know what it takes to be good at it, and that feels better than you can possibly imagine. My time at the last job was exactly the opposite. I truly felt like I was drowning most every day I worked there; complete with intense panic and gasping for air. It was really rough. It's hard to stomach being a failure and I was pretty down that I couldn't grasp the job, but you just get to a point where you accept the truth and move on. I did that, the drowning is behind me now, and I'm happy to have moved on.

My friend Zack sent me a great text yesterday I want to share...

Today at 5 minutes and 6 seconds after 4:00, it will be 04:05:06, 07/08/09. This will never happen again in our life.

Pretty cool, huh?


Blogger Melissa Blair said...

Cool indeed! Good luck with your new job. I hope it continues to keep you happy!

5:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:34:56 07/08/09


9:35 PM  
Blogger Kimmy said...

So glad the new job is going well. It's the one in Columbiana right?

Great seeing you for 2.5 seconds today at the inn. If I knew you'd be there, I still owe you a book!!

5:14 PM  

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