Thursday, May 13, 2010

A big bag of, "Thanks for nothing."

I shouldn't be so negative, but I'm finding it hard not to be. So I had my third doctor's appointment in as many weeks and got the same diagnosis. Post-viral something. From what? No answers. But I did find out the medication the doctor had me on the past week was possibly adding to the intense swelling. Thanks for nothing, Doc.

To add insult to literal injury, she decided to put me back on steroids. That's right, the medication she didn't want me on one week ago, I'm back on. That's right, the medication that was working, the one that took down the swelling, the one that made me feel a lot better, was the one she took me off of. Thanks for nothing, Doc.

One more pill she added to the list is a water pill. Now I've never taken a water pill, but I've heard it turns my body into water and will make me have to pee like a race horse. Tomorrow should be fun at work.

Of course I'm being a little light-hearted. I'm not mad at the Doctor, but I do have to wonder where her thought process was last week. I know she was trying to help, but where was the sense in prescribing a drug that "adds" to an existing problem?

So to update those that have asked, my ankles and feet are still horribly swollen and painful. My skin still feels like it's about to rip with every step I take. And my knees/hips still get stiff when I sit for too long. I'm mighty uncomfortable, but hopeful I can get better. Either that or I get to say, "Thanks for nothing."


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