Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday Funny

Okay, I know it's technically Saturday, but you don't have to read if you don't want to.
Here are a few funnies shared today on CPS.
And please don't take these as anything more than good fun.

One year I decided to buy my mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas gift...
The next year I didn't buy her a gift.
When she asked me why, I replied,
"Well you still haven't used the gift I bought you last year!"
And that's how the fight started.

I asked my wife where she wanted to go for our anniversary.
It warmed my heart to see her face melt in appreciation.
"Somewhere I haven't been in a long time," she said.
So I suggested, "How about the kitchen?"
And that's how the fight started.

My wife and I were sitting at a table at her high school reunion.
She kept staring at a drunken man swigging his drink as he sat at an empty table.
I asked her, "Do you know him?"
"Yes," she sighed.
"He's my old boyfriend. I understand he took to drinking right after we split all those many years ago. And I hear he hasn't been sober since."
"Oh my!" I said. "Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?"
And that's how the fight started.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Blogger Swedish Mama said...

Bad, so bad.

9:18 PM  
Anonymous amy said...


9:37 AM  
Blogger Kyle said...

I miss you.

And I love your book.

11:39 AM  

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