Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weight update

I haven't shared anything about my weight lately so I thought I'd post an update on what's going on.

The lowest weight I reached was right before Christmas and was 285 pounds, which was a total of 46 pounds lost. To be completely honest, I reached that weight because I'd been sick and hadn't eaten much for four days. So while I was happy to be at that weight, it wasn't an honest weight I'd reached on my own efforts. After that, I entered into a pretty depressed state of mind for the couple months surrounding the divorce. During that time, I gained about 25-30 of those pounds back. After reaching that low weight, gaining those pounds back made me feel sick on top of being depressed.

When March hit and I gained my self-confidence back, I recommitted myself to being healthy. I've never been one to believe in diets, and I still don't, but I do know the proper way to eat. So I started eating right again and within a month lost all of that weight I'd gained back. To make things even better, over the past couple weeks I've been maintaining that weight of 285 even without working out. I have a couple weight goals I'd like to hit, so I know I need to start working out again to break the plateau. But it's a nice personal victory to know I can maintain this certain weight without doing anything different than just eating right.

My future goals are as follows...
275 by the wedding I'm in on June 4th
265 by my birthday on August 12th
250 by the end of the year

Knowing my body and continuing to eat right, I think I can blow those numbers away, but I'm keeping the goals at reasonable levels for my own sanity. 250 will still mean I'm a big guy, but much much healthier and definitely in a better place to hike the AT. That's all I can ask for.


Blogger Andrew said...

Is it your wedding? Some new girl huh? Do her parents know? Oh...boy

5:31 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Congrats by the way!

5:32 PM  
Blogger Swedish Mama said...

Good for you, Sam. The word diet is over used, diet is just the food you put in your mouth, good or bad, too much or too little. Correcting your diet is what you are doing, and again, good for you. Proud of you.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

That's awesome. I guess it's just as well I didn't package up the extra 8million calories of pie & ship them east, huh?

1:08 PM  

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