Sunday, June 12, 2011

A quiet day

I'm in the middle of watching the second season of a TV show Ell and I used to love. The theme of the second season centers around the post-breakup of a long term couple. It's interesting to watch the show and think about the similarities it has to this season of my life. One of the themes is being alone.

With the exception of the girl at the gas station this morning saying the words, "forty one dollars" and, "thanks" when I paid for a tank of gasoline and a newspaper, I haven't heard another person's voice all day. The best part about that? I loved it.

This is a fun time in my life. I went to bed at 3:30am, slept in until 8:00, made blueberry pancakes for breakfast, watched Charles Osgood, washed a pile of dishes, scrubbed years of grime from the stove, did the same to the bathroom (yikes), took a nap, had two giant salads with feta and red onion, picked strawberries from the garden, smoked a pipe, trimmed all the shrubs in my landscaping, and spent a couple hours on CPS. No rules. No expectations. No whatever. What an awesome day.

I'm not saying Ell was overbearing or demanding, the opposite couldn't be more true, what I'm saying is that I spent the day doing whatever the deuce I felt like doing without any outside interference. And I spent the day all alone. Both of which were cool and both made me happy. I'm really settling into the contentedness of where I'm at in life, even if it can look a little lonely to the outside world. Lonely is not always bad lonely, though. The lonely I'm at right now is definitely a good lonely. I feel good. And that feels good.


Blogger Andrew said...

Sweet! As long as you don't become creepy cat guy.

7:56 PM  

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