Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Goodbye, Log House

I'm going out with my Lady tonight, and since our evenings often tend to stretch into nights and next days, I figured I'd get in a post now before I lose the day.

Besides my Lady, the biggest thing happening in my life right now is the sale of my house. After spending two and a half hours going from one gov't agency to another to get Ell's name off the house, I was informed last week that we had done one of the papers wrong. Of course it wasn't caught by any of the four departments I had gone to that day (I mean, who would expect them to inform me of an error?!) so when it was caught by the title company, it meant having to get a brand new Deed recorded. After fighting with them for days and then spending another wad of cash out of my own pocket, Ell was emailed the corrected form to sign and then had to overnight it to me from Texas so it could be recorded correctly. After all that (obviously abbreviated for ease of reading) nightmare, tomorrow afternoon I will no longer be a homeowner.

It's a very strange feeling, to be sure. Today I pulled in the driveway from work and it hit me that would be the last time I did that while I owned it. This wonderful house that has been my home for almost thirteen years will now be owned by someone else. The new owner has granted me the freedom to live here until I leave for the AT, but even so, every day will be birthed with the knowledge that it's no longer mine. Strange.

Sometime this month, my Lady and I will be throwing the last party here in the Log House. It has the potential to be a somber time, but it will probably be just as much fun as all the parties held here have been. And despite any remorse or sadness, I'm very excited for the next season of my life. The house will be missed, but it's time to move on. Goodbye, Log House.


Blogger Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

Wow Sam! This is huge! I love reading your positivity about it but also that you acknowledge there will be some mourning. A lot of memories, great ones and hard ones.

Goodbye log house.


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