Saturday, November 24, 2012

6 days lasting

Showdown Saturday

I am a HUGE college football fan. HUGE. And today is the most exciting day in college football. Showdown Saturday. It's the day where all the major rivalries match up head to head.

Virginia vs Virginia Tech
Georgia vs Georgia Tech
Florida vs Florida State
Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State
Oregon vs Oregon State
Clemson vs South Carolina

The list goes on and on.

But the one that means the most to fans across the globe, referred to as, "The Game", is Michigan vs Ohio State. While Michigan (my team) has the edge in the century+ long series at 50-something to 40-something, they've only won two out of the last ten years. It's not been a good decade for me in relation to, "The Game". My sister on the other hand, a proud alum and now employed by Ohio State, she's been in football heaven.

The game started today with a healthy back-n-forth in the first half, but then both offenses seemed to stall in the second. And unfortunately, it ended with a 5 point spread in the Buckeye's favor. One more loss for me and one more win for my sister. Not that either of us ever played football for either team so it's not really a real win or a loss for either of us, but the emotions involved sure do make you feel like you're out there playing alongside the players.

Football has been on my television since noon today and with the Clemson/SC game and the Notre Dame/USC game being played picture in picture, it should be on for another few hours. I do love Showdown Saturday even if my team lost.



Blogger Sweet Peripety said...

I may not be participating in every day blogging but I am doing some writing this month, more than usual. Not reaching the 50,000 mark...more like 30,000. anyways, can i offer up a question for you to answer if you need something to post about...

What are some new Christmas traditions you and your Lady are thinking up? Or, have you thought of any?

Feel free to ask me a question...ha...I need some more things to write about on my blog. Maybe I'll hit up Adrienne and Kimmy, too.

Also, whew...that's a lot of football today!!

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