Monday, November 25, 2013

Flying the bird - Part Twenty Five

Had a funny moment on the way to work this morning.

Coming up to an intersection of two five lane roads.
I'm in the middle turning lane waiting on the traffic to go past me so I can turn left.
Got stuck in the middle of the intersection waiting for traffic coming the other way.
As the light turned yellow to red, a car coming the other way lays on his horn to yell at me.
I look towards his car.
As he revs up his car and pulls towards me, hand laid flat on his horn, cell phone in the other hand pressed to his ear, he then proceeds to take his hand off his horn to flip me off, and his car jerks out of his control.
Cell phone goes flying and man's eyes almost bug out of his head.

Turns out you have to have a hand on the steering wheel to steer a car.

I admit my error in this scenario at committing to the intersection when I should have stayed behind the line. I'll also admit I laughed aloud at the man's predicament. The best part? The guy in the car behind this man was laughing hysterically at the moron trying to regain control of his car.


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