Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friends - Part Thirty

Last night was another late one… in bed at 2:30am and back up at 6:00am to get ready for work. But unlike the EPIC status that was hung on our last eventful outing, this night was spent sitting, talking, story-telling, and laughing in a circle of fifteen or so people, most of them related to each other but not to us, and all but two of them, completely unknown to us just two days ago. It was a beautiful picture of familial love and common friendship that was pure and genuine.

As I sit here at work thinking back to last night (to be more accurate, early this morning), I am once again brought back to the multiple requests for me to write a post about friendship. I've attempted to write that post at least five times, but every time, I've found myself lost in what direction to take the conversation. My opinion and experiences have certainly grown and evolved throughout my adult life, so finding a focused angle has been all but impossible.

I have an entire line of thoughts about electronic friendships.
I have an entire line of thoughts about continuing couple friendships after children are born.
I have an entire line of thoughts about how friendships are changed by divorce.
I have an entire line of thoughts about the intricacies of blending two personalities, then four, then six, then eight, and so on. 
I have an entire line of thoughts about “dating” friends.

Despite all those potential ideas, the one thing I would like to say about friendship, on this the last day of NaBloPoMo, is that I appreciate and love both of you wonderful woman and the sweet connection we have. This was hands-down the weakest effort we've all given to the event in recent years, but we still hung on. One of us was moving and dealing with all that goes with that. One of us had crazy busy schedules and kids and food and family that would wreck either one of the other two of us. And one of us seemed to be rushing his posts so he could fly out the door every other night for untold adventures people his age shouldn't be attempting. But most days we were all there. 

You both know I've railed against the slow death of blogging for years. FB was usually my target, but not because it in-and-of-itself is evil, but rather, it created an easier way to communicate than blogging could afford. There was no anger, only sadness. Aside from that fact, I knew without question, that you two would be up for it this month. We are literal hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles away from each other, but all together in the written word.

I loved reading about your move, Kimmy. It was a pleasure to hear and see the joy in your words at finally being where you want to be.
I loved reading about your family, Adrienne. I have always and always will think you are an impressive woman and a fantastic mother.

You two women rock, and I am proud to call you my friends. 


Blogger Adrienne said...

You and Kimmy are both so sweet! It was fun - your happiness and zest for life are apparent and that's awesome!

It's slightly wrong you're making me feel so old though. ;p

10:11 PM  

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