Monday, February 18, 2013

The old days

Feeling a bit reminiscent this morning. I had a dream last night that my friend Grant and I were going through rows of classic vehicles at a car show. I woke up with a smile on my face which morphed into missing friends, home, my old life, and more. This new life I have is completely awesome and I couldn't be happier, but some days like today I just want to call up some friends and drive a few minutes to visit them. I want to hang out with a beer or pipe in hand, talking about our lives, catching up on the mere days it had been since our last visit. Catching a concert, having breakfast, sitting around a campfire, and so many other good memories.

Sometimes I wish life would just freaking slow down and let me drink in the love and companionship of a single moment with a good friend. I have often been accused, rightly so, of being too stuck in the past. There are a lot of things, a lot of years, a lot of experiences that ring so deeply in my heart that they literally bring tears to my eyes. I want to work with my Dad in the shop behind the house where I grew up. I want to watch a thunderstorm in a cabin in Hocking Hills with my friend Mike. I want to dance like a crazy person at a Jamaican party with my soul sister Jess. I want to share a secret smile with Alli about at our hidden relationship at the bank. I want to walk through canal ruins with my long-gone friend Brad.

Why do we have to grow up? Why do we have to, "move on"? Why can't we freeze time and just live in a moment? Life is just too damn short, that's for sure.


Blogger Sweet Peripety said...

Well, I'm all for keeping the past with us in bits. I'm not ashamed of that at all. And will continue keeping those memories close!

8:04 PM  

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