Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why Summer Rules

Kimmy has once again challenged her readers. So here is my list of 30 reasons I love summer.

1. It's not cold
2. I don't have to make a fire every day after work. (I know sitting in front of fire on a cold winter day sounds romantic, but it turns out it's not when you have to do it everyday just to raise the temperature above 42 degrees in your 180 year old drafty log house. And waking up twice a night to fill it to keep it at 60 degrees. Only to do it again the next evening. It gets old........ quick.)
3. Swimming
4. Suntans
5. Fresh tomatoes
6. Fresh beans
7. Fresh peppers
8. Fresh cucumbers (I could finish the list this way, so I'll move on.)
9. Smoking my pipe on the porch
10. Bonfires
11. Fishing
12. Camping (I actually love this all year.)
13. Tee shirts and shorts
14. Driving with the windows down
15. Water fights
16. Watching the stars without the risk of frostbite
17. Parades (I know there are parades in the winter, but they usually suck!)
18. Fairs
19. Canoeing
20. Sweating (Sure beats shivering!)
21. Seasonal summer ales
22. Frogs singing their horny love songs
23. Ell in a swimsuit
24. Watermelon
25. Frisbee
26. The shocking feeling you get stepping from the heat into an air-conditioned building
27. The way ice cream melts in your mouth
28. Working on my old VW (It won't start in the cold.)
29. Outdoor concerts
30. Grilling

And one last thing...........I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only good thing about that horrible season is that it kills the bugs and the weeds for a few months! Hope you enjoyed my list.............


Blogger Laura G. Young said...

Hate winter? Good thing you don't live in Colorado, where there can be snow nine months out of the year.


10:55 PM  
Blogger Papa D said...

Yoou know, I'm not all that fond of winter either, but this heat wave is just about as bad - at least you don't have to shovel it!

10:24 AM  
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