Thursday, November 09, 2006


What would make an honest police officer keep three kilos of cocaine to sell on his own?
What would make a long-time banker steal thousands of dollars?
What would make a respected pastor who preached the evils of sexual immorality enter into a homosexual relationship?
What would make a Mob-boss who was already doing major illegal activities decide to scam the IRS on his taxes?
What is it that makes us take that one extra step into the unthinkable?
What pull does Satan have on all of us to make us go above and beyond simple sins and do the most evil thing we can imagine?
And why do we feel that we have to sin at all?
Is our life so boring, so mundane, that we think we need just a little more to keep us fulfilled?
Is a good clean life not enough?
Why are we such weak individuals that we all have our own "secret" sins?
Was the torture and death that Jesus went through just for us not enough to make us feel worthy and special and complete?
Why do we all hide our shame and not deal with it?
Are pornography or money or hate or whatever we struggle with so powerful we can't break free?

This part of humanity scares me.
It scares me that I'm not happy with a happy life.
It scares me that my mind keeps telling me I need a little more.
It scares me that my family and friends need just a little more too.
I still hold to my belief that selfishness is the root of all sin and wrongdoing.
If we could only break free of that selfish-driven mindset the world would be a changed place.
But that's impossible in a fallen world.

So where is our hope?
Where is our future?
And don't just tell me it's in Jesus.
I've only met Jesus in my heart and in my soul.
There are too many that haven't done that.
Those are the ones that need the answer.
Even in Jesus' time, He wasn't enough for those he came in contact with.
They needed healed or they needed proof.
How much more do people need in a time where we don't have Jesus in the flesh?
So I ask again, where is our hope; where is our future?


Blogger Adrienne said...

That is rather heavy. A lot to stew over.

You know, I thought it was ironic that you said selfishness is the root of all evil and wrongdoing. My dad alwas believed that Self was the antiChrist. I know it's much more complicated than that, but it's the 'self' in us, rather than Christ(not there can't be both, but perfection and holiness could never be reached until there is Christ and not our self) that causes us to be something other than holy.

I hope your thinking hasn't come from something bad or that you aren't having a rotten day.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Wow! This was a great post Sam. There is a lot in there to think about.

12:37 AM  
Blogger drifter said...



It is easy to be stong when we are supported by our friends - but we do not live communaly. A few hours at Church maybe a few more at a small group if you are lucky. Most of life is lived alone and alone it is harder to see and feel Christ's light. The darkness, the wrong choice, selfishness, addiction, comes quite naturally.

1:42 PM  

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