Monday, December 04, 2006

I smell something fishy

This topic may be over some of your heads, or beneath some of you others, but I'm pretty annoyed about it so I need to get it off my chest.

The BCS system in college football is a farce. Two weeks ago Ohio State played Michigan in a battle of #1 versus #2. Both teams were undefeated and as such when Michigan lost they fell to the #3 position and Ohio State remained #1. Since that was the last game for both teams, everyone had to wait until the outcomes of the #2 USC game against UCLA and the #4 Florida game against #8 Arkansas this past Saturday to see who would play against Ohio State for the championship. Well, USC lost in a crazy upset which opened up the field for a Michigan/Ohio State rematch. Last night the BCS standings came out and they declared Florida the #2 team which means they will meet Ohio State for the championship.

Here's where I smell foul.........The BCS system has been under scrutiny ever since its inception. It was supposed to fix the problems that the previous system created. Unfortunately it has only caused new problems all its own. The fact that the sixteen-part computer ranking system could have placed OSU vs. Michigan in a rematch was something that supposedly could never happen. B/c of that the coaches across the nation were screaming that something be done. My theory, as well as many commentators on Saturday, was if Florida could win, then the head-cheeses in the BCS could escape criticism if they bumped Michigan out. Seemingly impossible since it's a computer, right? Wrong. Two of the sixteen parameters are completely subjective: Style points, and Convincing play. The points in these categories are entered on the opinion basis of the BCS ballot-eers. How easy would it have been to edge in favor of Florida to save face one more year and not have to revamp the system as the whole coaching organization was screaming for? I have a really good idea there was some unethical behavior in the decisions that came down last night.

I think this is sad. It's sad for the student athletes at Michigan who could have had the chance to play for the National Championship. It's sad for the coaches who could see the train wreck coming. It's sad for the fans who have been screaming for a playoff system for years and years.

As for the teams themselves, yes I think it would have been wrong for OSU to have to beat the same team twice to win the championship. But it's also wrong that if the strictly fact-based numbers in the computer system declared Michigan the second best team (which they did,) that Michigan shouldn't be given the opportunity to try. And yes I think Michigan has a better team than Florida. Henne had more attempts, completions, and touchdowns on the season that both of the Florida qb's combined. Michigan got 200 more rushing yards out of their running back than Florida did. Michigan's defense had more sacks, tackles, interceptions, and forced fumbles than Florida did. The Big Ten had more ranked teams throughout the season than the SEC did which relates to a much stronger "strength of schedule." In all statistical categories, Michigan had a better team than Florida. And they did it playing one less game than Florida did. Too bad we can't have them play each other to prove who deserves to be there. I'm pretty sure it would result in that rematch from a few weeks ago!!! Oh wait, that would be a playoff, and we can't have that! (Sarcasm intended.)


Blogger Adrienne said...

Well, there really isn't a sport-loving side of me. However, I hate cheating. I hate that things aren't fair in life; especially when you work hard for it.

This piece could have been over my head or beneath me, but it was quite well written and the point was well taken.

12:36 AM  
Blogger kimw said...

You're right, Sam. I can't stand the BCS. Style points. Stupid. Florida. Whatever. Sure, they beat my Dad's beloved Razorbacks, but they certainly don't deserve to be playing for the Championship.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

No doubt about it, Michigan and Ohio State are the two best teams in the nation- and the national chamionship should be a game against the two best teams in the nation.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have only two things to say - #1, I don't really care for the BCS but it is the only game out there for now, so we sort of have to live with it - until we have the guts to fix it! And style points are a frase.
And #2, in my humble opinion I don't believe ANY team should have the chance at the National Championship if they have not already won their league. The championship game needs to be played by champions - period.

By the way, an Ohio State / Michigan rematch would have been just plain wrong - Michigan, no matter how you cut it, is still only a second place team and have already been beaten by #1. Forget computers, style points, and all the rest of the malarkey, the point is that they have zero, nada, absolutely NO right to be playing for a championship they have already proven they do not deserve. Sorry Sam, I know how you love those wolverines.

11:54 AM  
Blogger HennHouse said...

Go Bucks!

1:18 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

While you make a valid point that it's been shown that Michigan couldn't beat OSU, there has to be a game for there to be a championship. And whether or not they were beat already, if Michigan is truly the #2 team, than they are the ones that have to play in the game. There can only be one #1, so whoever plays them will probably be #2. So yes, they do deserve to be there. I've already stated it may not be "fair" for OSU to have to beat them twice, but this whole BCS thing is the farthest thing from fair there is.

1:19 PM  

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