Friday, December 08, 2006

Sorry Kimmy


I hate how the snow covers the traffic lines and blurs people's memory of how they're supposed to stay on their side of the road.
I hate how the cold wind chills my old log house as it blows through the drafty walls.
I hate how the blowing snow blinds my eyes.
I hate how sub-teen temperatures kidnap the heat from my house if I'm not there to fight it off with flames in the woodburner.
I hate how black ice taunts you with its invisibility as you slide off an embankment or slam into another car.
I hate having to shake my customer's hand knowing they just wiped their nose or sneezed on it.
I hate having to see my lovely wife's body covered up with hats and coats and blankets.
I hate stepping outside or opening a window to get some fresh air and being blasted in the face with a cold sucker punch of artic air.
I hate the fact that cold air can never really be blocked out no matter how many clothes you put on.
I hate being terrified of wrecking my car on the bad roads.
I hate feeling like a fool when I get onto the main roads and they turn out to be fine.

All in all, I just hate having to go outside during this cold season. And I love to be outside. And that makes me hate winter. Maybe I just figured out why Kimmy loves winter... She rarely has to be out in it. Kimmy, the rest of us schmucks who haven't figured out how to pay our bills staying home six days a week are rather envious. Heck, we might even join in your exuberance of the season if we could just figure that out!

Did I mention that I hate winter?


Blogger kimw said...

I love winter, and I have to be out in it every day, too.

Here are but a few reasons why:

1. My down-filled blanket
2. The way fresh snow sparkles like there are a million little diamonds on the ground.
3. The smell of the crisp, cold air
4. Cozy sweaters
5. Snow sports! (namely, skiing)
6. Sledding with the kids, and having full liscense to be a kid again, yourself
7. Ice skating on a frozen lake
8. Hockey games
9. Snowmen. I love them!
10. Snuggling to get warm. Well, if I had someone to snuggle with, then I would really like it. But, you get the idea. Take the opportunity to snuggle with your lovely wife, and thank God for the cold!

4:57 PM  
Blogger GUYK said...

Hey! I live in Florida where we seldom get a freeze and I still hate winter..just because we do get a freeze..I should have retired on a South Pacific Island where it is warm every day of the year..spending three years in the interior of Alaska can make you feel that way..

10:18 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Speaking of loving winter, you should really consider moving to minneapolis with us. Seriously man!

11:18 AM  

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