Sunday, July 01, 2007

Babies pt.2

I went back and re-read my previous post and I want to clarify a couple things. First of all, in no way whatsoever do I condone abortions. I don't care what the situation is, abortion is murder. I've struggled with some of the stickier points like rape and incest, but I have to wonder even in those cases what fault it is of the child's. In the same way that two married people decide to conceive a child and the child doesn't have a say in the matter, a child conceived in any other way is still just as much the result and not the reason. Some really famous, ingenious, intelligent, interesting people have come into this world as a result of rape. While it was more traumatic than I could ever imagine to the mother, the child is still faultless. They come into the world not of anything they've done. And they deserve the same chance the rest of us have had. I know I may make some enemies with that stance, but it's what I believe.

The main point I wanted to make in pt.1 was the strangely apathetic actions of people (not just women) in the world today. Just like Elizabeth and Ell said, we are incubating an attitude of disrespect and alone-ness in regards to women and life. Men think it's fine to treat women like crap, and women think it's fine to be treated as such. I'm not a woman, but I can't imagine that feels good or normal. I can't imagine being a woman and not wanting to be held and loved and honored. But yet I see women and girls everyday that sleep with whoever is around and the babies are just a by-product you deal with. No problem. I know they are reaching out for love, but for them sex isn't just an option or an excuse, it's how they get it. They aren't just hiding their disappointment, they are proud of where they're at. Thank you Adrienne for calling that as it is, stupid.

I also want to repeat that I haven't been hiding under a rock for the past 30-something years. My wife is a product of unmarried sex, as are all three of my nephews, as is my dear friend Lyndsay, I could go on and on. These topics aren't new at all. What I'm trying to expose is that having a kid, keeping it, ignoring marriage or even a partner, and that being just a fact of life as much as the insanity of bottled water, isn't only craziness but it's scary sad. Divorce isn't something to be ashamed of anymore and we accept it as part of our lives in this era; this topic is becoming so as well.

Unfortunately, I don't see us going anywhere different in our culture. As in most things that need to be fixed, you have to hit rock bottom before you get help or change. We have AIDS and over 500 other STD's, an out of control welfare situation, the untalked about over-population of the world, and a steady decline in morality. Where do we go from here? At some point people are going to realize they are missing out, and virginity and sexual-monogamy are going to come back into style. We may see a meltdown before that happens, or the end of the world, but it will happen. Sexual immorality will never end, but emotional honest relational living will survive. I'm on a tangent now, so I'm done.


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