Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day one of Four days and a wedding

7:05 am Got out of bed to feed the cats. Took a vacation day so I slept in.
7:15 Checked the weather, 3-S's, ate breakfast, balanced the checkbook, got dressed, yes, in that order
9:00 To bank
9:30 To Cafe for breakfast with Brad, notice I have a small cough
10:00 To "Company-X" for second interview (more on this in another post)
11:40 Left interview and then to friend's house to pick up van. Stayed just long enough to give impression I cared more about him (that day) than just for the use of his van
12:05 pm Decided a trip home to get a bag and change of clothes would make us all late in getting to Cleveland for the wedding
12:06 To friend's house to pick up those going to wedding
12:35 To gas station for beverage and gasoline (guess I could have gone home after-all)
1:58 Pull into hotel parking lot two minutes before scheduled arrival time
2:20 Finally see groom, freshly showered. (No one is tuxed-up yet, so now I greatly regret not going home for a change of clothes.)
2:30 Change into tux and head outside for groomsmen pictures, cough has gotten worse
2:55 Pile into limos and arrive at church; only one hour to wait now. Why are we here so early?
3:40 Take picture of myself in a mirror and send it to Ell since she won't get to see me tuxed-up.
4:00 Wedding
4:30 Pictures, to park for more pictures, to reception hall
5:45 Get a text message from Ell telling me the picture I sent her is hot and she wants to "do me!" Someones getting laid tonight.
6:00 Finally introduced and head into hall for AMAZING dinner of prime rib (with yummy horseradish sauce), lemon chicken, beans, potatoes, pasta, and good champagne
6:45 Head to the bar with my brother in law, dreading the awful beer selection they'll have, at first disappointed as expected, then ecstatic to be informed of a secret stash for wedding party of limited edition Great Lakes brew. The night has begun to look up.
7:30 Wedding party dance with crazy lesbian friend, other's seemed bored or uncomfortable but we had a blast (not sure who was leading, though)
10:30 Back to hotel to drop off brother and sister in law at their room, change out of tuxes
12:15 am Finally into van and headed for home, my coughing keeps my friend Jess awake and she in turn keeps me awake
1:50 Drop off friends at home
1:55 Drop off van and pick up car
2:15 Into bed, no one's getting laid tonight


Blogger Kyle said...

something has definitely been going around. I'm just getting over a nasty cold and i'm still coughing a bunch. hope you feel better, buddy

4:05 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

Psst...Sam...I think your mother reads your blog! ;p

Hope you aren't sick.

Can't wait to hear about the rest of the days!

6:10 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

If it makes you feel better I didn't get laid either......Wait a tick!!!! What's getting laid again?

2:48 PM  

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