Monday, September 15, 2008

Is that the wind?

As some others have already blogged, the top of Hurricane Ike played some havoc on Ohio. While this post is going to be the details of my(our) experience, during everything we went through last night I kept thinking and mentioning how intense the full storm must have been down in Texas. Our prayers to those uncertain of the condition of the homes and lives they fled, and to the families of those that lost their lives.

The beginning of the storm blew in around 8:00 while Ell and I were eating dinner with our friend Megan. We live in this weird weather channel in a low spot between two hills, so high wind and weather extremes are not shocking anymore. But when we saw car lights lining up in front of our house we knew the problems had started. One of the old locust trees across from our house had fallen across the road and the helpless (read--lazy) motorists couldn't get through. I grabbed the chainsaw and headed out to clear the road.

As we got close to the road I noticed the telephone pole at the end of the driveway was snapped at the bottom and was leaning into our yard. The lines to the house were almost touching the ground and with every gust of wind the pole leaned more towards us. Quite scary. Ell wrote the whole story (and added some pictures) so I won't bore you with all the details, but I do want to thank our friends Jonathan and Megan and Brad for their tremendous help in cleanup today. Five truckloads and a huge bonfire later the yard looks slightly less like a war zone.

A couple other additions of info...
A fireman friend of mine stopped and said the destruction around our house was the worst area he'd seen but Leetonia had the most overall torn-up condition. Hope all is well with you Kevin and Kimmy.
My Dad and Mom had a run in with their huge pine tree. By the grace of God, the tree found the ground in the tiny strip of lawn between their and their neighbor's house. My Mom put some pics up on her blog. Pretty crazy story.


Blogger Melissa Blair said...

It was quite a storm. After what we got here in Ohio, I am surprised that anything is still standing in Texas!

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