Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some things to ponder

I lifted these from HERE for no other reason than to make people think. The last one confuses me, so I have some thinking (and research) to do as well. Here's to good thoughts...

There are a hundred other topics I need (and want) to write about -
  • the housing crisis (which has not stopped being a crisis, even though the stock market and credit crunch has vastly overshadowed it)
  • the credit crunch - and how it may finally bring about the death of conspicuous consumption (albeit too late to really help anyone)
  • how we are going to teach an entire generation (or two) the difference between "needs" and "wants" - and if it will take an honest-to-God Great Depression to make it stick
  • why an awful lot of people of deep-and-abiding faith continue to ditch The Institutional Church; and
  • living between Death and Resurrection - and why most churches don't recognize Easter Saturday when it happens in October.


Blogger Megan said...

Ummm....I just miss you. How bout that for a topic?

10:40 PM  

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