Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day eleven eleven, a number so nice they named it twice

Some good responses to Day ten's questions. If you haven't responded yet, please do.

As I read through the comments on that post I see a trend. The trend, paraphrased, is, "I have too many heirlooms and things I couldn't part with. I'd have to take..." fill in the blank(s). When I first sat down to listen to the make-believe conversation in my head, I had a lot of the same questions and concerns. Can I take our photo albums? What about our extensive record collection? Do you mind if I take the guns my grandpa gave me before he died? And on and on. The idea I was trying to get my mind to was a simple, "No" to all questions. You walk out the door with the clothes on your back and your checkbook; that's all. Could I do it? Could you? Could money make us walk away from it all.

I had big plans of pushing this question for a week or so to get as many answers as I could. On a superficial level I'm still super curious to see what figure people settle on, but I've also enjoyed reading why and what people couldn't leave behind.

I like the fire concept that Adrienne and Kim brought to the table. Viewing it like that really puts our "stuff" into perspective about what's important and what's not. And maybe that's why people took the question differently than I asked. A fire is real and in your face, demanding you to react or die. The figure question isn't. It allows you to search your brain and decide what amount of money you'd take to replace your life.

So thanks to everyone who's responded, and please consider answering if you haven't done so. I'm looking forward to seeing more numbers and responses. So....... how much?


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