Monday, October 29, 2012

Safety in the face of danger

I've always had this unexplainable fascination with extreme weather. Someone told me once it was a guilty pleasure, but I don't always like or enjoy floods, blizzards, etc. Instead, I am in awe of their intensity, their power, their ability to put the human race in its place. We may be the most powerful and resourceful species, but we are no match for Mother Nature. Extreme weather shows us that with force.

As I sit here in my new house, complete with a furnace, sewer, city water, and all the trimmings, I miss my old house where despite all its faults, I had a fighting chance against extreme weather. In that thick walled, 180 year old house, I could lose all forms of utilities and still withstand the onslaught of most anything outside. I perfected water retrieval, heating, cooking, and everything else needed to survive without the comforts of the common world. So even though there's an ease of life in this new house -- no need to gather and cut wood, pump water, or build a fire from scratch every night after work -- the first flicker of the lights caused by mister/missus Sandy caused an immediate sense of fear throughout my body. Why fear? Well, what was I going to do if I lost just one of those creature comfort utilities?

Those two paragraphs are vastly different. Sorry for the rambling. How about a recap?

I have a weird sense of love for intense weather... and I miss my old house in the face of said bad weather.


Blogger Adrienne said...

I was just telling Adam last night how funny it seems that not too long ago I did NOT want to be that house that had to mess with wood and other back-to-basic ways of living - like I grew up.

Now, however, when the weather gets sketchy or I hear about severe weather other places, I'm so grateful to at least have basic survival tools!

For now though, enjoy where you are in this season of your life!! :)

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