Monday, November 05, 2012

25 days restante

One of my biggest pet peeves involves bad drivers. I've mentioned the fact that NC cars don't seem to have very many working turn signals, and I thought I'd be used to it by now..... yet I'm not. Every single day some numbskull turns in front of me, leaves me waiting at an intersection, or almost causes me to run into them... all because they don't seem to have the working motor skills to flip a lever. Grrr......

On a somewhat/somewhat-not related topic, I've noticed a trend amongst vehicle ownership down here in NC. The predominant truck brands are Toyota and Ford. The rest, Chevy's, Dodge, Nissan, and others are few and far between. For every one of those other brands I see on the road, there are four or five Toyota Tacoma's and three or four Fords, in F-150 or Ranger trim. When it comes to cars, the hands-down number one brand is Subaru. For all the other car makers combined, there is at least one Subaru to match it. Another trend --one I've enjoyed observing-- is many people tend to find a specific brand or model and that's all they own. The closest neighbors both have Saturn SUV's, even though different colors. The people across the street from them have Honda SUV's, also different colors. A house down the road has three Subaru's of the same model. Me? Well, there happens to be two black VW's in my driveway. :)

I seem to be writing about cars a lot lately, don't I? LOL!!!


Blogger Adrienne said...

99% of the people that drive subaru's around here are just plain annoying. It's this certain type of people that think Mother Earth and Father Nature will smile brighter on them if they drive one...and if it's one that is almost ready to fall apart, then they're definitely destined for organic heaven.

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